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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Costume Design

This project was designed as my minor project during my final year in IADT's Design for Stage and Screen Course. For my designs of a Midsummer Night’s Dream I focused on the idea of restriction. Each of our main character’s lives are being dictated and controlled by the elders above them and I wanted to indicate this in the way they dressed. With this in mind I created structured uniformed garments for the Athenian citizens, with limited colour palettes. For the members of the forest, I took inspiration from the colours of the flora and fauna around them to express the more freeing nature of their world and took inspiration from 1940’s fashion for their silhouette. They also have been given wings which have leaves and flowers on them, giving them the power to camouflage themselves. For the Athenian workers I centred their designs around their crafts and took inspiration from 1930’s workers. Their colour palette was less pastel than those in the Athenian royalty and their forms less restrictive to indicate them as lower ranking citizens. For the costumes for their performance of Pyramus and Thisbe, I had the notion that they would each make their costumes from supplies they had access to from their work.

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